New investment environment

Cost advantage

Location advantage

Meishan is located in the southwest of the chengdu plain, the middle reaches of minjiang river and the fan zone of the downstream of qingyi river, chengdu -- the middle section of the golden corridor of leshan. It is the central and southern gateway of the chengdu plain linking sichuan, southwest, sichuan and yunnan. It is 65 kilometers from the provincial capital chengdu, 50 kilometers from chengdu shuangliu international airport, and 60 kilometers from the world "double heritage" leshan giant Buddha and mount emei mountain, which is the satellite city of chengdu. ChengKun railway, into music, into the highway, provincial highway 103 lines, 106 lines and minjiang river waterway interweave, convenient, is the chengdu plain to communicate important transportation hub of sichuan, western sichuan and material distribution center. The district has advanced communication facilities and adequate energy supply. There are 500 kv substations, one 220 kv substation and five 110 kv substations. The industrial base in the region is better, and has initially formed such pillar industries as feed, food, chemical industry, building materials and non-ferrous metals. Since 1992, 32 Chinese and foreign joint ventures have settled in China, and the opening-up and investment promotion have yielded fruitful results.







Income per capita (yuan/month)

Monthly consumption (yuan/month)

Average land cost (10,000 yuan/mu)



Artificial cost

Environmental capacity advantage

The innovation and technology industrial park of vientiane is located in jinxiang chemical industrial park, and the environmental assessment is more inclusive in accordance with national environmental policies.

Whole-hearted investment products

Resource allocation for all elements

N + N mode

The total element configuration (service system N+ N) table of innovative technology industrial park of vientiane
Ordinal number grade appellation   class Provide way The service platform Build system
1 Class A The hardware elements 1 Integrated service area Lease/cooperation/transfer The incubator yes
2 2 Hatchery/incubation building Lease/cooperation/transfer The accelerator
3 3 Acceleration zone/standard plant Lease/cooperation/transfer Dining room/vientiane apartment
4 4 Accommodation catering Lease/cooperation/transfer Complex building
5 5 Water supply/power supply In-park interface  
6 6 Water supply/power supply Matching or assisting in financing Platform/meishan industrial investment/bank
7 7 Natural gas In-park interface Xinghai gas company
8 8 steam In-park interface New power energy
9 9 sewage Standard discharge, rain and
sewage diversion
Pollution control platform, rain pollution shunt system
10 Class B Software elements 1 The professional services Professional management team Vientiane innovation industry management co. LTD
11 Professional asset management agency
12 Logistics company of the park Rui feng logistics
13 2 Financial services Angel investment Angel investors, angel investors, chamber of commerce, social capital raising objects Strategic cooperation
14 Bond financing Venture capital institution, financing guarantee institution, cooperative bank, industrial investment venture capital
15 Public financing VC, PE, brokerage, accounting, etc
16 Kechuang fund Government/platform
17 3 Technical service Achievements introduction, transfer and cooperation, Park smart investment company, strategic cooperative colleges, research institutes, enterprises and core talents
18 Commissioned research and development, professional consulting
19 Patent application and patent protection
20 Public laboratory inspection and testing
21 4 Policy service Double innovation, incubation series preferential policy consultation and project declaration Policy advisory platform Platform function
22 5 E-government services Government agency services Platform integration
23 6 Communication service Park information center Public reading room yes
24 Park conference center The conference center
25 Maker cafe Coffee break
26 Roadshow center Roadshow center
27 Professional seminar promotion platform (+ Internet) portal

Note: the element of the customer is the introduction factor, and according to the project needs to be combined with the relevant elements of the garden, to form the whole factor of N+N productivity.